Counting Time
Encaustic, 24"x72", 2010


Encaustic, 24"x72", 2010

I paint with wax - beeswax to be specific - exploring the sensuality, luminosity, transparency and texture of encaustic wax. My bold abstract studies use vibrant colors, lots of movement and create a deep sense of space. Some works incorporate compelling graphic images including collages, drawings, writing and photography. The work is built up in layers of wax with as many as five layers in one area.

My work had been exhibited in galleries in New York City, Chicago, Boston (most notably the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum) and are in the collection of the Chevron Corporation, Boston University and the Northrup Corporation in Los Angeles.

Art is revelation. My work has always been a response to those experiences that fill me with awe - be it a response to the natural world, the human made beauty of art, music and architecture or the numinous world without form. My aim is to draw the viewer into my world and evoke a powerful emotional response.

My process is a meditative one. In the past I created installation sculpture environments using natural materials and painted wood. Currently, my approach is two dimensional - mixed media and encaustic wax. The jewel-like transparent color and luminous quality of the wax both reveal and conceal as the painting is built up in layers. The final effect is rich both in lush texture and deep optical space that is most dramatic when viewed in person.

nhsca.gifSupported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts