Artist Statement

Art is revelation. My work has always been a response to those experiences that fill me with awe - be it a response to the natural world, the human made beauty of art, music and architecture or the numinous world without form. My aim is to draw the viewer into my world and evoke a powerful emotional response.

My process is a meditative one. In the past I created installation sculpture environments using natural materials and painted wood. Currently, my approach is two dimensional - mixed media and encaustic wax. The jewel-like transparent color and luminous quality of the wax both reveal and conceal as the painting is built up in layers. The final effect is rich both in lush texture and deep optical space that is most dramatic when viewed in person.

I have two new series of paintings:

  1. Journeys of the Mind: Italy

    This series developed from memories of my travel to Italy. I remember the feeling of awe upon entering the Piazza del Duomo in Florence - the magnificence of the architecture, the sense of space and my place in it. Similarly, in Venice I responded to the fluid, watery beauty of this unique city and its opulence, rich in history and intrigue. In Venice, reflections are never what they seem and mystery prevails. In this body of work my aim is to convey a sense of mystery and a suggestion of timeless drama.

    Much like the layers of history in these ancient cities, the paintings are built in layers. A base mixed media collage creates a perception of history and decaying opulence. The surface is then layered with wax and photographic images and drawings generated during my travels. The layers of wax mirror the layers of Italian history and my memories to construct a rich visual tapestry.

  2. Interleave

    The formal exploration of design and color comprise this series. The paintings juxtapose geometric bands of color with painterly gestural marks. While the artistic process is similar, the inspiration is diverse - sometimes the natural world as in "The Seasons", or music as in "Rhapsody" or Arabic calligraphy as in "The Unity of One".

    Often hidden in the paintings are clues that give deeper meaning to the content as in "Counting Time" with its many readings of the concept of time and counting/accounting - electro-cardiogram results lie next to music and lined elementary school paper. Composition, balance, tension and texture are explored while creating a deep optical space and rich surface.



Detail from "Counting Time".